Wanna go out for Season 2 of King of the Nerds?

I get this question ALL the time: “How can I be on Season 2 of King of the Nerds?”

First, we had to see if there’d BE a Season 2. Well, it’s now official there will be (yay!) so I can give you a few tips and tricks for your own audition. I can’t guarantee these will work, but it’s pretty much what I did, and I got on. 

1. Be yourself. Times 10. 

What makes you awesome? Show your personality! As Celeste says, “Be a really happy version of yourself!”

2. What’s your niche? 

Show off what makes you happiest. Virgil talked about his historical erotica collection. Whatever is your thing, make sure you touch on it.

3. Highlight your brains.

Seriously, this is a show about nerds, so don’t be afraid to let your brilliant mind shine!  

4. Show off what you do.

Not just what you love, but what you do for your love. Do you create costumes, make custom action figures? Anyone can memorize reams of information or watch every episode of X that ever was, but the most interesting people get up off of the couch and make stuff.

5. Geek out. 

I went on a five minute rant about how the microcosm economics on PonyIsland supported and disproved Keynsian economic theories and how video game micro economies could be used as testing grounds for macroeconomic policies. I also filmed myself talking about how underrated Dini and Timm are in terms of their contributions to Batman canon as a whole, especially when compared to Frank Miller and Chris Nolan. 

Because what do I love? Theoretical economics, ponies, and Batman. For almost everyone, there’s something, deep down inside, that gets you talking—talk about that! That’s when your true personality comes through.

Click here to find out about auditioning.